Aug 092014

avatar SG1 sans Vala visit the ancient world of Verus Gen Bree in search of clues towards the weapon Merlin had been developing but they find a deserted settlement with signs that the people died where the slept/fell. Research thanks to some handy journals points to a suspicion that Morgan Le Fay may have poisoned the locals but after the team and the scientists come down with a sickness that leaves them drained and wanting nothing but to sleep the truth is revealed, a parasite is feeding off the human hosts to the point of death. The SGC send stimulants of all manner apart from some of the more exotics but it doesn’t prevent the first death of a SGC member but after the discovery of a secret passage the only creature in the vicinity is discovered which indicates it has a natural immunity and so the hunt is on and the clock is ticking.
Meanwhile Vala has been ordered to undergo some psychological testing and counselling before her acceptance into the SGC can go ahead, she treats it as a simple question and answer exercise and her meetings with Dr Hutchinson does not go well. Richard Woolsey plays her a visit and offers the support of the IOA if she is willing to spy on the SGC for them and for a while it seems she may indeed fall back into her prevailing nature but when pushed too far she lets it all out and that honesty is what tips the balance and she is accepted in the SGC with the added bonus of rubbing Woolsey’s nose in it despite the fact he was testing her loyalty in support of Stargate Command.

Indecent proposal

Indecent proposal

Morpheus us a very atmospheric episode and we’ll see many of the same tricks and style used in an Atlantis episode someway down the road but again it shows how good the set builders/designers and dressers are in when on a budget and time schedule. We got a few notable guest stars in this weeks episode and a return for a couple of them so if you think they looked familiar it was because they were:) Lots of credit to Ben and Christopher for the lizard hunt and that was a mighty fine looking reptile more so than the real prop used for when Teal’c was running back to the surface. Claudia was magnificent in this episode, we got to see the more vulnerable side of Vala and both Robert and Ben Ratner can take credit for giving her the solid performances she could work off of, it was a joy to watch her work more so because we then get treated to her more impish side with her loot comments:)

This is a good solid second episode of the season adding to the arc and setting Vala as a permanent part of the show and it is really a stepping off point for the ORI story to evolve now things are in place.
Thank you everyone for the support of the show this past week, twitter specifically has been very very busy and that’s always fun, feedback and comments always welcome as is any reviews/ratings over on itunes or stitcher. This weeks promo is for the Babylon 5 Project and next week we are back in Pegasus with the Atlantis episode Misbegotten so we hope you can join us for that.



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