Oct 142014

Robert C Cooper
Robert was a Producer, Writer, Director & Story Editor on the Stargate TV franchise and responsible for some of the key episodes in the series. He has also written for Flash Forward, PSI Factor, Blown Away and was a technical advisor on Da Vinci’s Inquest. IMDB
David Kaye
David was an interviewer on Stargate Continuum and is a voice performer on a number of animated shows such as Toon Wolf, Ben 10, Marvel’s Avengers and Xiaolin Chronicles and video game voice performer. IMDB Behind The Voice Official Site Twitter
Nels Lennarson
Nels played Major Green in the SG1 episode Death Knell and Captain Holland in the Atlantis episode Phantoms. He’s also guest starred on Psych, Sanctuary, Once Upon A Time in Wonderland and Smallville. IMDB Twitter

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