Feb 122011

While investigating a world with what looks like Ancient technology SG1 meet a scientist who is conducting his own investigation of the device but unknown to them he has a goal and is prepared to do anything to achieve it. Activating the device causes Jack and TealcĀ  to repeat the same day over and over with a bemused SGC to contend with everytime but day by day they learn what they need to know to break out of the loop and it allows them the opportunity to do stuff with no direct consequences be it golfing through the gate or smooching Sam.

Windows to the Soul

Robin Mossley is the main guest star of this episode and plays the alien scientist Malakai who believes himself capable of harnessing the machine despite the Ancients abandoning it and does a very good job in the role. This episode of the cast also has a guest, Daniel Waller a listener and contributor to the show joins us for what is arguably the most popular episode of Stargate made, certainly one of the funniest.




The Classic Image