Apr 192014

avatar2 Ethon and the demise of the Prometheus thanks to the arrogance of Stargate command and their primary front line unit. When Jared Kane contacts Daniel and asks for help things begin to get complicated unfortunately the SGC can’t seem to see the pitfalls and despite the Ori having a strong presence on Tegalus via an satellite weapons system they decide to take the Prometheus, destroy the satellite and level the playing field between the rival and deadly enemies that are Rand and Caledonia. Daniel returns with Jared to open diplomatic talks but they are taken prisoner so when the cavalry arrives and find Daniel prisoner they pause which allows the satellite to fully activate and deploy it’s defence shields which were not present on the blue prints they had seen. The attack fails and the Caledonians retaliate causing severe damage to the Prometheus and with no way to convince the leaders then Earth and Jared are not acting in conjunction with Rand the Prometheus is destroyed with only a fraction of her crew able to beam down to the planet. When the smoke clears it becomes clear that Rand is only a heart beat away from being destroyed but Sam comes up with a plan to knock out the defence center which would give Cameron and Teal’c time to attack the satellite but when the EMP shuts down the defence center Daniel jumps in offering a diplomatic compromise which is agreed upon. It shouldn’t but does come as a shock when the Caledonian president spouting Ori dogma orders the attack to recommence causing the military leader to draw his weapon and in the confusion the president dies and the seriously wounded Commander calls the attack off.

Blaze of Glory

Blaze of Glory

Well wasn’t this a major milestone in Stargate, the loss of the Prometheus is a game changer in many ways but the reason lies just as much in raising the stakes of the ORI threat as to sound economic production requirements as having two standing sets for the two types of battle cruiser is not cost effective. The writers and producers intend to make more use of the Daedalus class of cruiser starting with the new Odyssey and giving the Prometheus a farewell in battle  serves to honour her and indeed her commander who stand on the bridge making sure as many of his people got to safety as possible. It was good to see Jared Kane again making the most of the continuity and weaving in the death of his wife who had a small but significant relationship with Daniel, the guest stars John Aylward and Ernie Hudson were stellar, both of them filled the screens and worked so well together.

Many thanks for the feedback for last weeks Grace Under Pressure via the chat over on our Facebook group and a voicemail from Brad, he also revised his homage to the Prometheus which you can listen to via the link a little further down the page. This weeks promo is for Tuning Into Scifi TV and next week we are going to be doing the Atlantis episode The Tower so we hope you join us for that but until then enjoy Ethon and please let us know what you think about our show and Stargate in all it’s glory.



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