Mar 052016


Inquisition and lets be honest no one ever expects the inquisition is sprung on the members of the main gate team after an invitation to a meeting with representatives of some alien worlds. These worlds are joining together to make decisions in terms of the Wraith and future of the Pegasus galaxy or so they claim. As it turned out this was a trap designed to capture Atlantis personnel and then to have them stand in front of a tribunal or inquisition to answer for their crimes. The three members of the bench proceeded to question every significant event that has taken place since Atlantis was reborn and while they had many good points the information they had was provided with an inbuilt bias. These along with other personal concerns pretty much guarantee a guilty verdict and so it is up to Woolsey to save the day since he recognized the power play and manipulation going on, after all he excelled in the politics of bureaucracy.

Inquisition (11)

Inquisition pretty much takes place in three locations, the briefing room, the jail cell and the court room and no doubt even with solid guest actors this episode was designed to be a money saver. That said Stargate has always done the clip show format with some style by making sure the story that provides the reasoning for the clips to stand by itself and once again Inquisition benefits from the level of attention. A very good episode for Woolsey it has to be said as well as the guest stars who had to carry the story with the regular cast pretty much going through the motions. Overall not a great episode but certainly worth watching because most of the charges against Atlantis have been brought up by fans during the shows run and long after, I know we’ve talked about the culpability of the Atlanteans in the events over the last few years.

Thanks to Jeff for joining us on this recording, the podcast certainly benefited from a third voice for this episode. This weeks promo is for Generations Geek a father/daughter look at geek things including movies, books and television. Next week we are back with a look the Stargate Atlantis episode Prodigal with our guest Brad and as always we’d love to hear from you especially since we saw a significant bump in our monthly download figure for February:)




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