Mar 042017


They say when all else is gone there is always hope and for Eli and Rush that hope appears in the aftermath of the attack on Homeworld Command and the loss of communication via the stones. It’s been weeks and no contact but the station is continual manned just in case and then as Chloe rests her body is inhabited by an intelligence which reveals itself to be Ginn. This causes some consternation since well Ginn and her consciousness is long gone after being murdered by Simeon when she was visiting Earth to help prevent the Lucian Alliance attack. Ginn is very confused, the last thing she can clearly recall is talking to the officers at Homeworld Command and it comes as a shock to learn that she is technically dead, her body having being buried by Eli on a world light years away.

SGU Hope

Rush reveals that he had talked to Franklin which opens up the possibility that whatever is Ginn at this time could be transferred into the Destiny’s computer and retain sentience and time is running short, continued physical choking is risking Chloe’s body and just to complicate matters Amanda Perry makes an appearance. If all this wasn’t enough Volker is in critical condition suffering from kidney failure, despite the risks Greer is a match and is will to donate a kidney and while TJ is¬†emotionally distressed with the situation (being a medic after all not a surgeon let alone a Doctor the operation goes ahead. Surprisingly it’s the Volker storyline that ramps up the comedic aspects of the episode and it’s not even dark humour at that. Ultimately a solution is found thanks to the skills of Eli and Rush, Chloe is herself again and the Amanda AI assists TJ in the operation resulting in a successful conclusion for the two men.

Hope is another excellent episode of Universe, lots of drama and comedy with some great performances thanks in no part to a good script. We see that the arboretum is now fully repaired offering an “oasis” within the ship full of life and Greer and Volker taking a rest stop there was a moving scene. The use of the Destiny to house Amanda and Ginn pays off the more nebulous interactions between Rush and Franklin plus the image of his former wife and it was a delight to see the two actors back on the show after their “deaths”.

Our thanks to Brad for the audio feedback for last weeks episode “Alliances” and once again our thanks to Ian for joining us for this episode of the podcast. This weeks promo is for Generations Geek the father/daughter show which looks at all things geek in the media. Next week we are going to be taking a look at the episode Seizure with our guest Brad and as always we’d love to hear from you in regards to anything Stargate.



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