Sep 152012

┬áStargate Command is still in shock over the events that occured on P3X-666 and even though SG team members, scientists and other personnel have been lost before both by accident and in combat this time one so close to the heart of the SGC has rocked the foundations. The cost in life is also being used by the NID through Woolsey to make their move against Hammonds Command. Emmett is still digging and looking for the truth behind the events offworld and he learns there was a death and one witness indicates O’Neill was brought back unmoving on a litter with Carter visible shaken. Daniel he learns has a recording of the events and through both reasoned argument and impassioned pleas gains access to the footage but is then as shocked as most viewers would be with the events as they play out. Ultimately the documentary is produced and presented to Hammond who complements Emmett on a job well done, it may never see the light of day but chronicles a time when the SGC suffered but pulled together through bonds of family, duty and loyalty.

A solemn as the unmarked grave

The second episode in the Heroes two parter is far slower paced relying just as much on speeches and one on one dialogue to tell it’s story as the first part revolved around some good location set pieces. What really adds the icing to the wonderful dialogue is one the best battle sequences filmed for the show shown after the events which transpired in the first episode. All the cast excel but Saul easily stakes his claim as the most impressive guest performance on the show and is the key element to this story working, everyone else works around his characters actions and motivations. It was certainly a ballsy move by Rob C Cooper to write this epsiode and also from other producers and the studio to allow the two parter to be made, the result is some of the finest Stargate ever made.

Sit back and be amazed.

I really don’t think much more needs to be said, the events in the story have been experienced for the first time by every fan of Stargate SG1 each of which have had their own reactions to the story. Heroes Parts 1 & 2 are a truly magnificent piece of science fiction entertainment and were nominated for a Hugo award but it had some serious competion that year with the Lost pilot, Angel’s “Smile Time” and the winner being BSG’s “33”.

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