Mar 132011

My esteemed co-host Alan is currently crossing the Atlantic (in a plane) on his way to a US vacation in which he will tour the states and met up with friends and accountancies. Eventually he will hit Dallas via Pittsburgh, West Virgina and New Hampshire for the Galactic Watercooler international meet up and be immersed into the hive mind, coverage of the event can be found on their website as well as podcasts in due time.

Have a great time Alan and you won’t be missed until I run out of the pre-recorded shows:)

Jul 032010

This week we have a special episode from our friends over at Galactic Watercooler.

Chuck, Sean and Audra have covered the Stargate franchise in their podcast and recently did 1969 as part of a time travel mini arc so for something different they recorded an hour on the first two seasons which provides a different perspective to the show, it’s always about opinions folks.

The Gatecast returns to our usual programme next week with the season 3 premiere “Into The Fire”.

Galactic Watercooler