Mar 242017

Michelle Harrison
Michelle played the Assistant in the SG1 episode Absolute Power and then returned as Rachel in the Stargate Universe episode Visitation. She has also appeared on Continuum, Arctic Air, Emily Owens MD, Endgame, The Magicians and Nora Allen on The Flash. IMDB Twitter

Haley Beauchamp
Haley played an Airman in the Stargate Universe episode Pathogen and was Sylvana in the SG1 episode Bad Guys. She has also been on Whistler as Feeney, The Collector, Smallville, The Flash and The Dead Zone. IMDB

Gord Hillier
Gord was a Re-recording mixer for Stargate SG1 seasons eight, nine and ten as the first three season of Atlantis. He has also worked in various roles on Travelers, Intelligence, Endgame, Arctic Air, Motive, The Romeo Section and A Dog’s Breakfast. IMDB

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