Dec 082012

 Zero Hour offers up two pretty good story lines, we have the loss of SG1 on an alien world and those consequences as well technology taken from Anubis being used by other System Lords in this case the one and only Ba’al who makes an appearance and pretty much proves he is a bit of a peacock or simply an excellent example of a system lord.

Meanwhile an alien plant has run riot and over a few days has spread like wildfire causing power issues which prevents the use of the gate even if Jack was willing to deal with Ba’al there and then. The use of Camulus as the focus of Ba’al’s desires works well allowing the SGC to explore an Ancient facility (offscreen) and while it proves troublesome in the short terms pays off in the long term and allows his story to wrap up nice and neat even though we don’t see the consequences.

Gaze upon my awesomeness!

The adventures in horticulture by Dr Lee provides the humour and twists around the presidential story quite nicely along with the character of Gilmor who is in a way our eyes on Jack and the SGC and lets not forget the two ambassadors who are there purely to get a laugh.

I like the red bunting.

When you come to think about it there is a lot going on in Zero Hour and it all fits together perfectly, perhaps one the best episode of this season even though not that much happens and in this respect I got echoes of some of the more classic episodes of M*A*S*H that every now and again did something a little different.

Never Mind

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