Dec 312016

Peter Williams
Peter starred as Apophis in twenty episodes of Stargate SG1 setting the standard for the System Lords to follow. He has also appeared on Fallen, The Listener, Earthsea, Life As We Know It and in the upcoming The Expanse. IMDB Twitter

G. Michael Gray
He played Sefaris on the Stargate Atlantis episode Outsiders as well as guest starring on Jeremiah, Smallville, Psych, Supernatural, Motive, Warcraft and in the upcoming Hollow in the Land. IMDB Twitter

Dec 312013

Many happy returns of the day to Peter Williams who set the standard for the Goa’uld playing the system lord Apophis in Stargate SG1. He has also appeared on Earthsea, Fallen, MacGyver, Dead Like Me and provided voices on shows such as Neon Rider and Hurricanes. IMDB   Twitter   Official Site
Happy Birthday to G. Michael Gray who played Sefaris on the Stargate Atlantis episode Outsiders. He’s also been on Dark Angel, Try Calling, Jeremiah, Psych and Motive. IMDB
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That’s the final two Stargate themed birthdays for the year, we begin again tomorrow or today for those reading this who are already in 2014:)