Nov 302016

Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin

The actress was sporting a diamond ring on her left hand at Monday’s Gotham Independent Film Awards.

Source: Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin Get Engaged Months After Welcoming Daughter


Feb 092013

avatar2 Affinity is an excellent Teal’c episode despite not being written by Christopher, his characters move off base has been long overdue but it was never going to go smoothly even if Tealc was perhaps the epitome of a good neighbour/samaritan, I don’t think the local community was quite ready for him. His cover of an African visitor brought to the states by Daniel was pretty good and he embraced the tribal heritage which perhaps had a lot of ties to the culture of the Jaffa and he got on very well with Krista and Eric for slightly different reasons. In this respect I think Teal’c was looking for both companionship and the mentoring a youngster, being on Earth limits that aspect of his life.

Cleaning up the neighbourhood

Cleaning up the neighbourhood

Erica Durance is excellent as Krista the very friendly neighbour and we get hints of Noire as she unintentionally puts Teal’c in a situation where he has the emotional attachment and would defend her to the extreme if required, as it happens the story uses this situation without the manipulation which makes the return to the SGC more heart breaking for Teal’c. The second story with the Trust really adds depth to the episode and that goes partly hand in hand with the continued Sam/Peter romance, the two finally conclude quite well with the Trust now set up as being a significant player in the season. Respect to Brad Shivon as Joe, this wasn’t one of his final performances prior to his untimely death in 2010 aged 39 but it was short and sweet and he made his mark.

Brad Shivon as Joe

Brad Shivon as Joe

We had some audio feedback once again from Brad and a little feedback from our google+ group. This weeks promo is from British Invaders and next week we are in Pegasus with the episode Poisoning The Well which is a strong Carson Beckett episode. If you have any comments about Affinity or any of the Stargate episodes covered or yet to be done then please get in touch, we really can not put a price on community interaction across all the portals open to the fan base. You can find us on Facebook, Google+, iTunes, Stitcher Internet Radio and of course this very website.