Sep 202014

avatar Well the plan was to get SG1 and Vala to take a break with General Landry who was borrowing Jack’s cabin in the woods but an offworld incident has delayed Colonel Reynolds and complicated the arrangements leaving Cameron all alone with the General and his bird watching and duck calling interests. A beast it seems is terrorising the natives of an alien world and soon attacks and injuries on SG personnel cause concern but when a creature is killed by Teal’c it’s autopsy reveals a parasite of sorts which turns out to be from another dimension drawn into this one by using a tweaked version of the Sodan cloaking device. While there is relief that the ORI are not behind the attacks on the alien worlds things get complicated when some hunters are ripped apart in the vicinity of the cabin, while a bear is used as a smoke screen for the local police the General calls in the air force to secure the area and Cameron uncovers a Trust agent using a Sodan device to spy on the General.

A Cabin in the Woods

A Cabin in the Woods

Uninvited is maybe not the best of season ten and it is pretty much standalone drawing upon elements of existing alien technology and the known infiltration of the Trust by elements of the Goa’uld but offering up a story that has no direct impact on the juggernaut that is the ORI arc in this final season. However there is some very nice location work and when you listen to the episode commentary it shows how clever and talented the DP and his crews are at working with and emulating real world conditions far from the comfort of the main studio infrastructure. We also get introduced to Doctor Redden played by Keegan Connor Tracy who alas only appears on this single episode of the show, perhaps a side effect of filling the shoes of Lexa who recently gave birth and wasn’t available for filming and by extension no Daniel again in this episode. The CGI for the beasts were nothing to brag about either but they armourer and direction for the fire fights more than made up for the less than stellar alien enhanced creature terrorising the woods.

This weeks promo is for The Sci-Fi Movie podcast a show that covers a scifi themed movie each week, lots of humour and well worth listening too. Many thanks to Jeff for joining us for Uninvited and hopefully he’ll be back soon, next week we are going to be covering the Atlantis episode Progeny a rather significant episode for that show so we hope you join us for that and let us know what you think, we often repeat this but hearing what you think of Stargate and our show makes all this worthwhile even if it’s not all positive feedback:)




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