Jul 142012

 Dr Jay Fleger returns to the fold with an energy weapon derived from alien technology, the test does not go well and to save his job he comes up with an abandoned idea for a virus to manipulate the DHD software and to remotely negate a Stargate thus denying it to an enemy. Once the not unexpected side effects mount up we are left with numerous SG teams stuck on alien worlds including Jack/Tealc and Daniel. Jack and Tealc are under fire while Daniel is in danger of being drowned as storm floods sweep through his location, great scenes from Shanks as he stands under a shower.
It’s now upto Sam to reign in the warped genius which proves a lot more difficult than she may have suspected even when armed with her own weapon as the P90 is now just for Jack due to real world cartridge supply issues.

A little bit of this a little bit of that.

Avenger 2.0 can be treated as a standalone but does bring back one of the two mad scientists from “The Other Guys” who is still living the high after his exploits alongside SG1 so much so that he his blind to the woman he works with who obviously adores him and well puts up with him.
It’s amusing to see a failed test of a weapon developed from alien tech especially in front of Jack and while the manipulation of the DHD system seems a logical approach to creating a tactical advantage you wonder why no one has done it before.

Chloe, patience of a saint.

Felger once again is a hoot and played to perfection by Patrick McKenna as he plays giddy when showing off his latest toy and then hiding his SG1 action figures when Sam visits his home. Once again when push comes to shove he gets a gun and goes onto the front line, you can say a lot about Felger but he sure ain’t no coward.

The episode is good for a few laughs and there is plenty of action near the end of the episode so it sits well above average in any rating system but you are always looking for his other half Coombs who actually does get a mention in a funny scene.

We have some feedback from Colin and Michael via email and twitter and a couple of lively conversations on our Facebook group, thank you one and all. This weeks promo is from Rico’s Treks In Scifi and next week we are covering Birthright which has Jolene Blalock as a special guest star.
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Sep 172011

  A running firefight against Jaffa forces and a narrow escape from their aerial fire opens the show but then Tealc disobeys an order and turns to fight and the delay in entering the gate results in him not returning to the SGC. Unable to risk redialing the planet due to the computer throwing up some error reports leads to the discovery of what exactly happened to the wayward SG1 member and then the NID and Russians get involved thus over complicating everything.

Over compensating much?

The episode opens with a bang well a lot of very big bangs and you can tell the sequence costs a ton of cash and it pays off, few episodes of any show opens this well and then we get the small surprise we causes Teal’c to turn and fight. A disappointing end to Tanith it has to be said but we do have quite a few Goa’ulds running around the place so losing one who may have been a busy actor at the time is not that critical as we find out in the next few episodes. It was quite surprising Simmons pretty much put his cards on the table knowing the bind the SGC were in and the introduction of McKay was most welcome, easy to forget how young Rodney was on his first appearance and how soul grating his persona was:)

Overall the episode does suffer for being very talkie with a lot of exposition and tech talk with Sam and Rodney, Simmons and Hammond, Jack and Maybourne, Daniel/Davies with Chekov and it really does suffer for it. Yes some of the conversations are very interesting and Jack and Harry have good chemistry but for the most part the lack of actions knocks points off this episode even though we do get jello.

A choice of flavours

48 Hours looks an expensive episode and has a lot of solid guest stars so certainly not a filler episode for budget reasons and it has some pivotal arc aspects embedded into it perhaps due to Rob Cooper being the writer but it’s hard to get over the slower pacing and information overload.