Apr 192016

The CW’s new limited-event TV series CONTAINMENT is a chilling and hair-raising look at what would happen if a highly communicable and deadly virus broke out on U.S. soil in one of its major cities.  It examines who would be at risk?  What lives would be destroyed within seconds, hours and days? And could it truly be contained? In an exclusive interview, star Claudia Black talks about the challenges that would be faced, the tricky alliances that would be made and if it is even realistic that people would do the right thing when faced with the terror and uncertainty

Source: EXCLUSIVE : CONTAINMENT Scoop: Interview with Claudia Black | SEAT42F

Mar 152016


Containment is being paired with the network’s #1 series, The Flash, and will follow the hit series beginning on Tuesday, April 19th.

Source: ‘Containment’ Limited Series Comes To The CW In April

Oct 132015

Containment cast and executive producer screen pilot and tease what’s ahead in Season 1.

Source: NYCC 2015: Containment Screening Delivers Tension and Gore – IGN