Oct 252014

avatar The team are ambushed when following up on some information provided by a Genii contact and John is captured by Koyla who then calls Atlantis and offers to trade John for Ladon Radim the current leader of the Genii who he believes betrayed him. Koyla proceeds to torture John by allowing a capture Wraith to feed upon him but what he doesn’t expect is that the two prisoners will form a bond and when the opportunity appears together they fight their way to freedom. Meanwhile Ladon has been investigating the leak of the Atlantis codes and uncovered Koyla’s supporters in his military and provides the location of John and a rescue mission is launched which arrives just in time to reveal an unknown ability of the Wraith.

CommonGround (9)

Common Ground is a very important episode in the third season as it once again brings back Koyla played by Robert Davi but also introduces us to a Wraith who will become a recurring character and a major player in shaping the Pegasus galaxy both with and against Atlantis, Christopher Heyerdahl returns to the franchise once again playing the new character “Todd” as the Wraith. There is a quite a bit of drama and suspense in this story, not knowing of the Wraith ability to give life energy has you wondering exactly where John’s torture will eventually lead and while death is not always a final thing in scifi neither is killing off main characters for both story and behind the scenes reasons. Ladon (Ryan Robbins) made a welcome return to the show and as we mentioned it was beginning to feel a little like a Sanctuary episode and no question that the casting department and producers went to town to make sure this episode had top notch guest stars which paid off.

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