Jul 042015

avatar┬áThe team are investigating a very dense jungle/swamp world and John is certainly not a happy camper but Rodney makes a discovery of some crystal like structures that are emitting energy, John is still not impressed but for some strange reason reaches out and touches one and is thrown across the ground. Dazed and confused that take the now “dead” crystal and return to Atlantis where Dr Keller gives him a clean bill of health but as he leaves John touches Teyla and we see a surge of energy pass between them. That night Teyla has vivid and disturbing dreams about the Wraith, her father and John when he was infected by the iratus virus which makes breakfast with him and friends a little awkward. What ever returned to Atlantis via John having affected Teyla takes a bite out of Keller who is unable to save Teyla from giving birth (through her stomach) of an alien bug and Ronon who dreams of an empty Atlantis and then running from an enemy, Major Lorne is convinced John is a replicator and then Dr Heightmeyer dreams of being on the ledge of the tower and Teyla and John are with her, Teyla attempts to help her but John intervenes and the Doctor falls and soon after her dead body is found in her bed.

Dopplegangar (6)

It becomes clear an entity is able to move between people and subject them to their darkest nightmares maybe to take sustenance from the emotional energy and hormones created or maybe just for giggles however they determine that Rodney is it’s current host and they trap him in an isolated room and step into the dream using alien technology and together John and Rodney fight the creature in their dreams complete with clowns and whales.

Doppelganger is certainly a pretty episode, we get some good cityscape shots and some very creative work to enhance the dream sequences be they stylised or simple. It certainly a clever idea and maybe not the primary reason for this story in that we learn quite a bit about the characters or at least which fears are at their core, Ronon for example now fears being alone and the betrayal from people he has placed his faith in. It was also clever to have a character death and Dr Heightmeyer was established and Claire Rankin had given a performance that meant her characters death would twist the knife, it also ratcheted up the tension which an episode like this relies on to work. As for the final scenes with John fighting John they were very well do (lots of behind the scenes on the DVD/Blu-ray) and again when push comes to shove Rodney can develop a backbone made out of steel.

This weeks promo is for the Dark Matter podcast┬áBecause We’re Dangerous and next week we are going to take a look at the episode “The Travelers” and I make no bones about being quite pleased, a big fan of Jill Wagner. Many thanks for the Stargate chat over on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, again thanks to Ian for the itunes review and please feel free to get in touch with us and let us know what you think about our show and of course Stargate in all it’s forms.




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