Jul 222012

Hands up who wouldn’t want this on top of their wedding cake?
Yeah ok I know maybe even out of the scifi community 90% of men and 99% of women wouldn’t but there is no reason the bride and groom couldn’t be placed in the tableau as well:)

I suspect that the 10% of men wouldn’t admit it either, they are not fools!

Thanks to Kyrdece for posting and atlantis-tv for tweeting.

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Feb 292012

 Truly a work of genius and skill, forget the cake itself that looks good enough to sit on your shelf.

Stargate SciFi Cake – Stacked Cakes, Canberra Specialty Cake Decorators – Cake Blog.


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Nov 202011

Now not only does this look fantastic but for a fan of the show it must be a great achievement.

The cake was created for the 2010 “That Takes The Cake” competition.

Thanks to Between The Pages blog.




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