Jun 112012

Amazon in the US are currently offering the 10 season DVD boxset of Stargate SG1 for a great value $54.99 with their usual deals on free p&p and prime status. If you don’t already own the series on DVD and already have the two movies or not that bothered then under $6 a season is a bargain.

I can not see any time frame for this offer but prices change often on Amazon.

Stargate SG-1: The Complete Series Collection 

Aug 232011

Stargate Universe – Complete Season 1-2 [DVD]: Amazon.co.uk:

Not an overly attractive price at £56.99 but MGM are doing a Paramount/CBS number on SGU fans in terms of pricing and of course what is totally unforgivable is the lack of a Blu-ray boxset or even a season 2 Blu boxset. In this day and age and with this production the lack of a HD offering barring broadcast and itunes is simply not on and well surely giving the customer what they want is preferable to making pirated options more attractive?

Jul 012011

More news on the upcoming SGA Blu-ray boxset due for release on the 26th of July. It is currently being offered for a paltry £79.93 from Deep Discount with free p&p for US customers. A rather attractive price I have to say:)

Aug 302010

The full series boxset which includes the two TV movies is currently (as of August 30th) being offered for a very attractive price of £79.99 from multiple online retailers here in the UK.

Jun 182010

Amazon UK are offering the complete series boxset on DVD for a mouth watering £61.97

It’s not the first time this set has been this cheap but if you are a fan and don’t already own the series it’s a bargain. I’ve no idea how long this price will last but the fact the lead time is now a few days at least says that Amazon are continuing to source stock and maintain this price point rather than reduced demand by putting the price back up.