Dec 202014

avatar Here we are with the second bonus show for this season, this week we are looking at the Sanctuary episode Bank Job which features quite  a few actors from Stargate beginning with Amanda Tapping and working our way down, it was also directed by Peter DeLuise so there is another strong connection. In this third season episode the Sanctuary team are hot on the trail of a significant abnormal that is due to hatch from it’s egg very soon, they egg is in a safety deposit box in a small town bank but since they have the correct credentials then it should be in and out but when the abnormal is missing and on the loose they decide to fake a robbery to allow them to search for this creature which has now taken residence in a human host.

BankJob (1)

It was great to see Gary Jones guest starring once more opposite Amanda Tapping, he played the bank teller George who it turned out was to have a more significant impact on the story then expected, we also got former Stargate actors Ryan Robbins, Peter Flemming, Eric Keenleyside, Tobias Slezak and Robin Mossley appearing in the episode so lots of fun trying to remember who they played on Stargate and which episode. We had the time of course because Bank Job has quite a few montages when do kind of slow the episode down and ultimately a single location limits the action of a show and you rely on the drama and character interaction to keep the viewers entertained. I have to say that they do a very good job casting the episode, the characters were interesting and worked well together with both positive and negatives consequences within the story.

Many thanks to Adam for joining us, this was his second guest hosting spot on Gatecast and he will be returning in 2015 for more Stargate, we are as always looking for people to join us for an episode, as you see given enough time we can normally find a date/time to work around very varied locations from the US across Europe and down to Australia. Feedback, ratings and reviews are most welcome, feel free to get in touch about any aspect of our show or maybe more importantly Stargate even if it’s just to say hello or offer some criticism:)

Next week we have a first time guest on that bonus show, we’ll be discussing Robert Picardo in an episode of Voyager and we will be joined by Michael Clark, hope you stick around and have a listen but until then happy holidays and take care.


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