Feb 252017


Stargate Universe ” Alliances ” concludes a story arc which has been in play since the assault on Destiny by the Lucian Alliance. As intelligence indicated an attack upon Earth various members of the invading force where kept on board and interrogated, this lead directly to the murder of Ginn/Amanda Perry and Simeon going on his rampage but also the addition of Varro to the crew. In this case a routine communication stone exchange to allow Dr Andrew Covel and Senator Michaels to board Destiny to gain more insight into the condition of the ship and crew went badly as Camille and Greer where in Homeworld Command when an attack by a cloaked cargo ship happened. The two of them survive but are trapped in the collapsed building along with another survivor but a geiger counter found in the rubble indicates a huge amount of radiation is present, Varro confirms that a Naquadria device is likely to be the means to destroy the city but something must have gone wrong.


Alliances is a worthy conclusion to the Lucian Alliance plot, Varro once again proves himself invaluable despite the technical limitations of the communication stones and the interference of Covel which while being understandable wasn’t really thought through. It’s also interesting to note that Homeworld Command/IOA are having serious thoughts about the investment in time and resources required to recreate the Icarus base given the rarity of suitable planets. Great to seeĀ  French Stewart returning to the franchise and no question the pairing of Camille and Greer was inspired with some great dialogue drawing upon their establish character conflicts present since the first episode. Ultimately the episode demonstrated the best and worst of humanity but when push came to shove and with little alternative what needed to be done was done. The episode wasn#t perfect though, I still have issues with the threat of the Lucian Alliance or at least how the writers chose to present that threat but the “terrorist” approach was small scale and kept most of the narrative tied to Destiny which is important for the show as you would expect.

Our thanks to Miles for the audio feedback for last weeks show and to everyone that listened and/or spread the show info by social media. This weeks podcast promo is for Treks In Scifi hosted by Rico and next week we are going to be discussing the episode “Hope”, we hope you will join us for that.



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