Apr 222011

The US Syfy channel is currently conducting a poll on the favourite episodes from each season of SG1. The results will then determine the Viewers Choice Marathon which starts on that channel May 3rd.

Voting ends midnight of the 22nd which doesn’t leave much time.

Syfy Viewers Choice

  6 Responses to “Syfy Viewers Choice Poll”

  1. u make folk’ wait 1and a half years.for a show to come back on.so they keep cable or sattilite.but no more soon as my contract is up it’s an antena on my balcony I such and cant find a thing on you seperate programes a god one on friday and that’s it.wwwreastling yuck

  2. Helix was a slow burner but worth it.

  3. Loved the original movie StarGate, But never got into the shows.. I do love my Lost girl, Continuum, and Being Human.. Oh and Helix is growing on me..

  4. I would love 2 see sg1 again and being human again they r alsome shows

  5. We love destination truth please bring it back very upset to here a great show like that was canceled

  6. I am not interested in this show.this is what came up for viewers choice.I am waiting on continuum,and Defiance,you already made me happy I see Being Human,and Lost Girl will be back.

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