Sep 302014

Greyston Holt
Greyston played Corporal Reynolds in the Stargate Universe episode The Hunt, he’s also guest starred on Alcatraz, Once Upon A Time, Fringe, Motive and stars as Clayton Danvers in Bitten. IMDB  Twitter  Official Site
Sean Rogerson
Sean was Nevik in the Atlantis episode Travellers and has also guest starred on Blood Ties, Harpers Island, Fringe, Supernatural, Sanctuary and Arrow. IMDB  Twitter
Jason Calder*
Jason appeared in three episodes of Stargate SG1 (Lost City, Spirits and Need) as an actor and numerous other episodes as a stunt performer. He has also worked on Battlestar Galactica, 2012, Psych, Watchmen, Fantastic 4, Underworld:Evolution and The A-Team. IMDB *No Photo

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