Sep 022016

David Warry-Smith
David was a Director for eleven episodes of Stargate SG1 and a single episode of Atlantis. He’s also directed or worked second unit on Andromeda, Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye, Paradise Falls, Due South, MacGyver and Connor Undercover. More recently he has worked on Beauty and the Beast, Lost Girl and Vikings. IMDB Official

Brendan Gall
Brendan produced and wrote for The LA Complex, played Kaleb Miller on the Stargate Atlantis episodes Miller’s Crossing and McKay and Mrs Miller. He also starred in Overruled!, Men with Brooms and Remedy and writes/producers Blind Spot which returns for a new season shortly. IMDB Twitter
John Tench
John played Lizan on the Stargate SG1 episode Talion as well appearing on Intelligence, Blade The Series, The Collector, Supernatural, Blackstone, Gangland Undercover and the upcoming American Gods. IMDB Twitter Behind The Voice

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