Sep 292015

Alexis Cruz
Alexis played Skaara in both the theatrical movie and Stargate SG1. He’s also had recurring roles on Shark, Touched by an Angel, Castle, Perception and American Family and has ventured into publishing with The Unprofessionals. IMDB Twitter Official
Jorge Vargas
Jorge was Abu in the Stargate SG1 episode Emancipation and he’s also appeared on Supernatural, Motive, Falling Skies, Arrow, Psych and Power Rangers. IMDB Twitter
Shannon Gurney
Shannon was the visual effects coordinator on 58 episodes of Stargate SG1, 42 episodes of Atlantis and 6 episodes of Universe as well as working on Kingdom Hospital. IMDB
Nicholas Briggs
Nicholas voiced the character of Dr David Glennie on the Big Finish production of the Stargate Atlantis audio story “Impressions. He has also guest starred on Torchwood and Doctor Who as well as directing and writing. IMDB Twitter Official

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