Sep 242014

Erin Chambers
Erin played the Genii woman Sora in three episodes of Stargate Atlantis (The Eye, The Storm and Underground), she is perhaps better known for her 120 appearances in General Hospital as Siobahn and also appeared on Castle, Scandal and The Glades. IMDB Twitter
John Sampson
John was a member of SG5 in the episode Lost City and a guard in the Atlantis episode The Kindred, he is also a stunt performer in movies and television. He has worked on Blade The Series, Paycheck, Scourge, Seven Days and The Sentinel. IMDB
Lauro Chartrand
Lauro was a Genii soldier and stunt performer on Stargate Atlantis and has an extensive resume in media for both stunt work and co-ordination such as on The Incredible Hulk, War, Fallen and Battlestar Galactica. IMDB Official Site

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