Oct 122014

Brian J. Smith
Brian appeared as a series main character on Stargate Universe playing Lt. Matthew Scott, he’s also guest starred on Defiance, Warehouse 13, Coma and iwas nominated for a TONY award for his Broadway role on The Glass Menagerie.  IMDB Twitter
Sarah Smyth
Sarah appeared twice as Annie Balic in Stargate Universe and she is currently starring in Cedar Cove as Justine and has guest starred on episodes of Supernatural, Durham County, Naked Josh and Shattered.
IMDB  Twitter
Dion Johnstone
Dion was the man of many faces on Stargate SG1, he appeared in nine episodes playing characters such as Chaka, Wodan, Nelson and Warrick. He’s also guest starred on Defiance, Flashpoint and The Listener as well as appearing on stage. IMDB Official Site Twitter

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