Nov 022014

Katharine Isabelle
Katharine played the young woman Valencia in the Stargate SG1 episode Camelot and she has appeared on Earthsea, Cedar Cove, Being Human, See No Evil 2 and Hannibal. IMDB Twitter
Jerry Wasserman
Jerry was the mysterious Whitlow in the SG1 episode Touchstone and the Chief of Staff in Inauguration, he has also guest starred on Smallville, Psych, Arctic Air, Cold Squad, The Editor and Motive. IMDB
Samantha Ferris
Samantha appeared twice on Stargate SG1 as Dr. Raully in the episodes Out Of Mind and Into The Fire. She’s also had recurring roles on Supernatural as Ellen Harvelle and on The 4400 as Nina Jarvis and guest spots on First Wave, V and BSG. IMDB Twitter

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