Nov 222013

A very happy birthday to Richard Kind who appeared twice in Stargate Atlantis playing Lucius Lavin and also in the theatrical feature playing Gary Meyers. Richard has also starred in Spin City and has guest starred on Scrubs, Leverage and Burn Notice. IMDB

Richard Kind
Happy Birthday to Mackenzie Gray who voiced Pahk’kal in Stargate Infinity. He has also appeared in Man of Steel, Smallville and Fringe as well as providing the voices for a number of animated shows. IMDB  Twitter
Birthday best wishes to Reece Thompson who was young Jinto in Rising the Atlantis premiere. Along with some guest spots on Jeremiah and The 4400 he has provided the  voices for characters in shows such as Zixx and Trollz. IMDB Twitter
Mackenzie Gray Reece Thompson

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