Nov 092012

Many happy returns to the following five people who all have their Stargate Birthday on the 10th of November, Roland behind the camera with Vanessa, Vitaly, Britt and David in front of it.

Happy Birthday to Vanessa Angel who played the Tok’ra Anise/Freya in three Stargate SG1 episodes she also starred in the movie Kingpin and series Weird Science.

Many thanks and happy birthday to Roland Emmerich who directed the Stargate feature back in 1994. A true showman in the movie world.

Best wishes to Britt Irvin who as a youngster played Merrin on the episode Learning Curve and later appeared on the new series of V and Smallville.

Happy birthday to Vitaly Kravchenko who played Lt. Marchenko one of the first Russians through the Stargate in “The Tomb” he’s also been in the last Mission Impossible movie and True Justice.

Finally many happy returns to David Paetkau who played “Pender” in the Stargate SG1 Forsaken also starred in Flashpoint, Whistler and LAX.

  2 Responses to “Stargate Birthdays – November 10th”

  1. I thought I had got all three then you posted Britt and now Vitaly, popular day:)

  2. Mike, you forget one more SG1 actor, who has BD today – Vitaly Kravchenko

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