May 152016

Richard Kahan
Richard appeared on the Stargate Atlantis episode “The Tower” playing Baldric, no not that one. He has also been in Supernatural, Mentalist, Edgemont, Eureka and has a recurring role as Marco Pacella on 32 episodes of The 4400. He has also written the Outlander episode Untimely Resurrection. IMDB Twitter
Malcolm Stewart
Malcolm played Dollen in the Stargate SG1 episode Cure and also had guest spots on Dark Angel, The Dead Zone, Smallville, Kyle XY, BSG and more recently Chaos, Backstrom and Fairly Legal. IMDB
Bill Butt
Bill made two small appearances on two Stargate Universe episodes (Visitation and Faith) as Vince Kwan aka Mr Chan. He has also been on the Continuum episode Second Skin and on Live Feed. IMDB Twitter

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