Mar 312017

Adrian Holmes
Adrian appeared in two episodes of Stargate SG1, in Nightwalkers he was a Special Operations Sergeant Krieger and in Memento Mori he played Detective Ryan. He has also guest starred on Arrow, Continuum, Smallville, Cedar Cove, True Justice and stars in the crime drama 19-2. IMDB Twitter Official Behind The Voice

Kory Grim
Kory played a recruit on the Stargate Atlantis episode The Last Man and has also been on Arrow, iZombie, The Revenant, Legends of Tomorrow and Fringe. Kory is also a stunt performer having worked on Arrow, The Flash, Stargate, Continuum, The Tomorrow People, Timeless, Monster Trucks, Lucifer and Deadpool. IMDB
Ron Selmour
Ron appeared as Jannick in the Stargate Atlantis episode Identity, he has also been on 2012, Tron Legacy, Sanctuary, Smallville, Arrow, iZombie, Minority Report, Supernatural and Continuum. IMDB Twitter

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