Mar 132013

Stargate Birthdays for March 13th
A very happy birthday to Steve Bacic who played Camulus & Major Coburn in Stargate SG1 as well Telemachus Rhade & Gaheris Rhade in Andromeda.
Happy Birthday to Noah Beggs, he was a Security Officer in the Stargate SG1 episode Fragile Balance & Dex in the Atlantis episode Home as well as guest spots on Once Upon A Time and Shattered.
Many happy returns to Kiara Hunter who was an alien princess in the Stargate SG1 100th episode Wormhole X-Treme! and appeared in Night Man, Sub Zero and  Alien Incursion.
Last but not least a Happy Birthday to David Orth who was Captain Radner in the Stargate Atlantis episode The Seige P2 and guest starred in Smallville, Chaos and Shattered.


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