Jun 092016

Chris Derochie
Chris was a digital and visual effects artist on Stargate SG1 and Atlantis and the senior animator on Stargate Universe. He has also worked on District 9, The 100, Once Upon A Time, Falling Skies, The Thing, Battleship and the tv version of Aladdin. IMDB Twitter
Jennifer Copping
Jennifer played Mallin in the Stargate SG1 episode New Ground, she has also appeared on JAG, Slither, The L Word, iZombie, Motive, Fargo, Supernatural and the upcoming Van Helsing. IMDB Twitter
John Murphy
John directed and produced the Stargate specials: The Lowdown, From Stargate to Atlantis: Sci Fi Lowdown and Sci Fi Lowdown: Behind the Stargate – Secrets Revealed. He has also directed Indy 500: The Inside Line, BSG: The Last Frakkin’s Special and Comics On Screen. IMDB Twitter

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