Jun 162016

Enid-Raye Adams
Enid played the questionable Jones on the Stargate SG1 episode Prometheus and has guest starred on a number of other shows including Cold Squad, Jeremiah, Psych, Endgame, Backstorm, Supernatural, Fringe, iZombie, Arrow and Arctic Air. IMDB Twitter

Enid-Raye Adams_Friends

Ian Buchanan
Ian appeared just once on Stargate SG1 as First the human form replicator in the episode Unnatural Selection. He’s made his name starring in a number of very high profile US soaps such as General Hospital, Days of Our Lives and The Bold and The Beautiful as well as spots on Nip/Tuck, Alias, Always and NYPD Blue. IMDB Twitter
Joseph May
Joseph played Sgt. Markham in two episodes of Stargate Atlantis (The Defiant One & Thirty Eight Minutes). He has also guest starred on the British series Casualty, Bugs, Holby City and Episodes. IMDB Behind The Voice

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