Jun 162014

Enid-Raye Adams
Enid played Jones in the Stargate SG1 episode Prometheus and has guest starred on a number of series including Cold Squad, Jeremiah, Psych, Endgame, Supernatural and Arctic Air. IMDB Twitter Vimeo
Ian Buchanan
Ian appeared just once on Stargate SG1 as First the human form replicator in the episode Unnatural Selection. He’s made his name starring in a number of very high profile US soaps such as General Hospital, Days of Our Lives and The Bold and The Beautiful as well as spots on Nip/Tuck, Alias and NYPD Blue. IMDB Twitter
Joseph May
Joseph played Sgt. Markham in two episodes of Stargate Atlantis (The Defiant One & Thirty Eight Minutes). He has also guest starred on the British series Casualty, Bugs, Holby City and Episodes. IMDB

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