Jul 252013

A Very Happy Birthday to Noel Callahan who played the Boy in the Stargate SG1 episode Beast of Burden.
He’s also guest starred on Romeo!, Dark Angel and Just Cause.
Birthday best wishes to Michael Welch, he played the young Jack O’Neill on Fragile Balance an excellent episode of Stargate SG1. He also played Luke Girardi in Joan Of Arcadia and appeared in Birds Of Prey, The Riches and Twilight.
Thirst Project
Happy Birthday to Christopher Attadia, Eric the youngster in Stargate SG1 Affinity. He’s also appeared on Saved, Dark Angel, The Dead Zone and Life Unexpected.
Birthday greetings to August Schellenberg, Yaozu in two episodes of Stargate Universe, Saving Grace, Grey’s Anatomy, Eight Below and Due South.


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