Jan 042015

Gary Jones
Gary was Walter in Stargate SG1 and made a brief appearance as the same character on both Atlantis and Universe. He has also guest starred on Sanctuary, Supernatural, Psych and was in the movie The Santa Clause. Gary also performs on stage doing both stand up and improvisation. Official IMDB Twitter
Julian Sands
Julian played The Doci in Stargate SG1 and again in the tv movie The Ark of Truth. He also starred in the Warlock movie franchise and appeared on 24, Blood Ties, Gotham, Banshee, Crossbones, Ghost Whisperer, Lipstick Jungle and voiced Biker Mice from Mars. IMDB Behind The Voice
Dave Foley
Dave was Malcolm Tunney in the Stargate Atlantis episode Brain Storm as well as appearing in 3 Men and a Baby, The Kids in the Hall, Sky High, Eureka, Spun Out, Robson Arms and Scrubs. IMDB Twitter

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