Jan 172017

David Blue
David made his name on mainstream television as a recurring character on Ugly Betty before taking the leading role of Eli Wallace in Stargate Universe, he has also appeared on Moonlight, Eastsiders, Suspense and Scrubs. IMDB Twitter

Joshua Malina
Joshua starred in The West Wing and was a regular on Sports Night, Scandal and In Plain Sight. He played Cicero in the Stargate SG1 episode Bad Guys and has been on Scandal and Extant. IMDB Twitter
James Earl Jones
James provided the voice for the first Unas we ever see in the SG1 episode Thor’s Hammer. Aside from that well he voiced a rather well known character in a certain scifi franchise as well as appearing in The Hunt For Red October, The Simpsons, House, The Big Bang Theory, Click, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Agent X and Paris. IMDB
Neil Maffin
Neil played Merell in the Stargate Atlantis episode Poisoning The Well. He has also appeared on Andromeda, Dead Like Me, The Collector, Peacemakers and on Law & Order (original and Special Victims). IMDB
Daren A. Herbert
Daren played a Captain on the Stargate Universe episode Seizure as well as appearing on Saving Hope, Falling Skies, Fringe, Smallville, Human Target, Delete plus theatrical features This Means War and 2012. IMDB Twitter
Efosa Otuomagie
Efosa appeared on two episodes of Stargate SG1, a Jaffa on Heroes Part 2 and a Security Officer on 1969. He has also been on The Net, The Twilight Zone, 16 Blocks and iZombie. His main role in the media is as a stunt performer having been on X-Men: The Last Stand, Robocop, Godzilla, Continuum and Hell On Wheels. IMDB
Brock Johnson
Brock was in the Stargate SG1 episode Uninvited as Hunter #1, he has also bee in The Dead Zone, Psych, Flash Gordon, Supernatural, Arrow, Bitten, Incorporated and Killjoys. IMDB

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