May 312015

Josh Byer
Josh played a Sergeant in the Stargate SG1 episode Rules Of Engagement and has appeared on Caprica, Psych, Bones, iZombie, Stonados and Night at the Museum 2. He is also an accomplished artist and has worked in the literary field via screenwriting and copywriting. IMDB Official Twitter
Damian Kindler
Damian wrote and produced for Stargate SG1 and wrote for Atlantis, he also wrote, directed and produced Sanctuary (which he created) and has also written and produced Sleepy Hollow. He hails from Melbourne Australia. IMDB Twitter
Amanda Alexander
Amanda was the script supervisor on 59 episdoes of Stargate SG1, 10 episodes of Atlantis and 28 episodes of Universe. She has also worked on Kyle XY, Demontown, A Dog’s Breakfast, Motive and Cedar Cove. IMDB
Mark Gash
Mark played a doctor on the Stargate Atlantis episode Miller’s Crossing and has also appeared on Human Target, Once Upon A Time, Fringe and Continuum. IMDB Behind The Voice

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