Mar 052015

Jolene Blalock
Jolene played Ishta in two episodes of Stargate SG1 (Sacrifices and Birthright) and also starred on Enterprise as the Vulcan T’Pol. She has had a recurring guest role on Legend of the Seeker and made guest appearances on JAG, CSI Miami and House. IMDB Twitter
Neil Jackson
Neil appeared just the once in the Stargate SG1 episode Prototype as Khalek and then as the Wraith on the Atlantis episode Vegas (great episode). He starred on Blade The Series and has had lead roles on Make It or Break It, Upstairs Downstairs, Lightfields, Sleepy Hollow and Sugar Rush. IMDB Twitter
Dean Stockwell
Dean played Doctor Kieran in the Stargate SG1 episode Shadow Play and also appeared on Enterprise, Jag and Dune. He also starred on Battlestar Galactica and Quantum Leap and has had a long and distinguished career. IMDB
David Palffy
David played both Anubis and Sokar on Stargate SG1 with eleven episodes as well as guest starring on Cold Squad, Andromeda, Viper, Fatal Performance and Millenium. IMDB

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