Mar 282015

Cam Cronin
Cam made his only appearance on Stargate as an Airman in the SG1 episode Window Of Opportunity and he made an impression on a certain member of SG1. He’s also been in The X-Files, Fringe, Psych and Supernatural. IMDB Twitter
Darcy Laurie
Darcy played Airman Dunning in nine episodes of Stargate Universe and also appeared in two episodes of SG1 first as a Cave Dweller in The First Commandment and then as Tass’an in Babylon. He has also guest starred on Cold Squad, Fringe, Supernatural and Continuum. IMDB
Brian McCaig
Brian played as tech in the Stargate Universe episode Alliances and has appeared on Moments, Supernatural, Some Assembly Required and Motive as well as doing stunt work and working as a stand in.
IMDB Twitter

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