Feb 042015

Brandy Ledford
Brandy made her name in the modelling and the glamour side of the business before going mainstream with acting roles on Andromeda, Baywatch, NCIS: Los Angeles and Whistler. She guest starred as Norina in the Stargate Atlantis episode Inferno and Zaren in the Stargate SG1 episode Endgame. IMDB Official
John P. Jumper
John is a former member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and as a General in the US Air Force played himself in the Stargate SG1 episode Lost City. Wiki
Mitchell Kosterman
Mitchell played Colonel Tom Rundell in the Stargate SG1 episodes Heroes Part 1 and 2 and Special Agent James Hamner in the episode Seth. He has also guest starred on Smallville, John Doe, MacGyver and Millennium. IMDB

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