Feb 032016

Terry Chen
Terry played the Monk in the SG1 episode Maternal Instinct and has also appeared in The 4400, V, Riverworld, Combat Hospital, Continuum, Arrow, The Returned, The 100, Strange Empire and a number of features films such as Elysium and War. IMDB Twitter
Michele Greene
Michele played Laira in the Stargate SG1 episode A Hundred Days and also starred in the huge US hit LA Law. She has also appeared on The Unit, Big Love, CSI Miami, The Defenders, Captive and Brothers & Sisters. Michelle has also published a number of novels. Official IMDB
Barry Campbell
Barry was the commander of the Applied Physics Laboratory Ice Station in 2009 (APLIS 2009) and a huge fan of Stargate SG1, he was instrumental in the Stargate movie Continuum filming in the Arctic and had a small role in the movie as a crewman. IMDB Gateworld

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