Feb 172015

Garry Chalk 
Garry played Colonel Chekov on ten episodes of Stargate SG1 and more recently had recurring roles on The Killing, Cedar Cove, Rogue and Blackstone. He has also done a number of voice roles for animated shows and has musical ambitions. Behind The Voice Twitter IMDB
Lou Diamond Phillips 
Lou played Colonel David Telford on twenty episodes of Stargate Universe and is currently starring in the excellent Longmire. He had his big break in La Bamba and followed that with Young Guns and shows such as Numb3rs and Wolf Lake. IMDB Twitter
Sasha Pieterse 
Sasha appeared as Grace in the Stargate SG1 episode of the same name and went on to star on Pretty Little Liars and has had guest roles on Heroes, House, Hawaii Five-0 and Medium. She  now has a success with her music career. IMDB Twitter

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