Dec 082016

Kevin McNulty
Kevin played both Chancellor Lycus in the Stargate Atlantis episode Inferno and Dr Warner on four episodes of Stargate SG1, he starred in Arctic Air as Mel Ivarson and has also appeared on Robson Arms, Supernatural, iZombie, The Man in the High Castle, Travelers and Battlestar Galactica. IMDB Twitter
Jarvis W. George
Jarvis was Volnek in two episodes of Stargate SG1 (Babylon & Arthur’s Mantle) and he has had guest roles on NCIS, The Shield, The Wire, Officer Downe, Criminal Minds and Heroes. IMDB Twitter

Doron Bell
Doron played Sgt Fuller in the Stargate Atlantis episode Miller’s Crossing as well as having guest spots on Fringe, Psych, Falling Skies, 2012 and voice work on Voltron Force, Cosmic Quantum Ray and Toddworld. IMDB Twitter Behind The Voice Official

Simon Ager
Simon is a digital artist who worked on eleven episodes of Stargate SG1 and three episodes of Atlantis. He has also worked on Andromeda, Dead Like Me, Smallville, Dark Angel, The L Word,  Tooth Fairy, The Twilight Saga, Invictus and Aliens in the Attic. Professional photographer and Officer with the Sea Shepherd Global Conservation Society. IMDB Official Twitter


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