Dec 022013

A Happy Birthday to Michael Boisvert who was a Lieutenant in the Stargate Atlantis episode The Intruder and guest starred on XIII: The Series and Hemlock Grove. IMDB
Many happy returns of the day to Alejandro Rae who was Alebran in the Stargate SG1 episode Metamorphosis as well as appearing on Smallville and Hell On Wheels. IMDB

Alejandro Rae Michael Boisvert














Birthday best wishes to Colleen Rennison who was both Cassandra (Rite of Passage) and Ally (Bane) in Stargate SG1. She is also an accomplished musician with the band No Sinner and will guest star in the upcoming feature Up River.
IMDB  No Sinner Official Site
A very happy birthday to Meghan Black who played Marta in the Atlantis episode Hide and Seek as well as roles on The Collector, Dead Like Me, ELF and Class of the Titans. IMDB
Colleen Rennison Meghan Black

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