Dec 292016

Gardiner Millar
Gardiner guest starred on four episodes of Stargate SG1 (Origin, Ex Deus Machina, The Fourth Horseman P1 & Stronghold) as the Jaffa Yat’Yir. He’s also appeared on Flash Gordon, Fringe, Agent X, The 100, Arrow and The X-Files. IMDB Twitter
Bill Croft
Bill played Sindar in the Stargate SG1 episode Double Jeopardy, he has also been on First Wave, Outer Limits, Arctic Air, Arrow, The Dead Zone and Supernatural. IMDB
Toby Berner
Toby was Grimsby in Morpheus the Stargate SG1 episode, he also gust starred on Psych, Smallville, Jeremiah, Aliens in America and Human Target. IMDB Twitter
Michael S. McLean
Michael was the Post Production Supervisor on Stargate SG1 and for a few seasons of Atlantis, he also worked on Jeremiah, Dead Like Me and The Outer Limits. IMDB
Doug Chapman
Doug played Sgt. Cole on the Stargate Atlantis episode “Michael” and has also been on Watchmen, Arrow, Continuum, Star Trek Beyond, Travelers and Motive. His other profession is as a stunt performer having worked on The Flash, Arrow, Motive, True Justice, Godzilla, The Grey and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. IMDB Twitter

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