Dec 232013

Birthday best wishes to Dan Shea who was Sgt Siler in Stargate SG1 and Atlantis and appeared on MacGyver, The X-Files and Supernatural. He is also a Stunt Performer and Stunt Co-ordinator on shows such as Arrow and Psych as well as movies like Fantastic 4, Paycheck, Underworld Evolution and War. IMDB  Official Site
Happy Birthday to Holly Dale who directed the Stargate Atlantis episode Home and also directed episodes of series such as Grimm, Agents of Shield, NCIS, Castle, Being Erica, First Wave and Cold Case. IMDB  Official Site

Dan Shea Holly Dale













In memory of Derek Brechin (Dec 23 1951 – Nov 6 2009) Editor of the Stargate movie and also worked on Doom, Total Recall, Die Hard, Paycheck, Executive Decision, Basic Instinct and The Entity. IMDB

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