Dec 172012

A bumper basket of Stargate Birthdays today (December 17th).
First up is the delightfully whimsical and talented Kate Hewlett who appeared in four episodes of Stargate Atlantis playing Jeannie Miller aka Jeannie McKay who was Rodney’s sister and in a pleasing symmetry she and David are also brother and sister. Kate has written and consulted for television ( The LA Complex and Being Erica ) as well a numerous other roles on tv and theatre. IMDB 

David MacInnis appeared in two episodes of Stargate Atlantis ( The Return Parts 1&2 ) and a single episode of SG1 (Ex Deus Machina). He has also worked on Dead Like Me, The 4400, Smallville and Saving Hope. IMDB

Matthew Harrison guest starred in the SG1 episode “Double Jeopardy” and was a scientist in the Atlantis episode “Conversion”. He’s appeared in Smallville, Tru Calling, Cold Squad, Psych and had a recurring role in Chaos. IMDB

Last and certainly not least a very happy birthday to Ernie Hudson who will perhaps always be known for being the fourth Ghostbuster who best represented us normal folk in other words if there is a pay cheque then I’m in:)
Ernie was also Warden Leo Glynn in the prison drama OZ and has also guest starred in Bones, Torchwood, ER and Desperate Housewives, alas his only appearance in Stargate was in the SG1 season 9 episode “Ethon” playing Pernaux in which we see some familiar faces from an
earlier SG1 episode. IMDB


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